Jan 20, 2015

Well, I’ve finished my yoga teacher training at @onedowndog and its funny how it feels like both a comma and a period at the end of a sentence. A dash perhaps -

I haven’t known what to share! I do feel excited and accomplished and proud but mostly I feel eager. Eager to dive deeper, to get started, to work harder, to share, to look in. I think the pride and the accomplishment feels will come from the teaching, not the finishing the class. It kind of feels like something I’ve always been doing or have been working towards. Maybe that’s the awesome long program @onedowndog has where the yoga becomes a part of you and not just hours of training, or maybe its just me finding something good for me. I dunno, it certainly feels pretty suitable to be able to guide people on some breathing and moving, and maybe just a little thinking. (at ONE DOWN DOG)

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