Nov 9, 2015

This last week was one of the hardest I’ve had for a while. Feeling such an intense pull to grow and shift and let go. It all led up to the clarity created this weekend.
I just finished my first 6 months of Ayurveda training. We finished our last weekend together with the stuff that got me in the door of yoga. Philosophy of focus, aspects of the mind, sankyha. ALL of this learning the past two years has provided me with systems of the way I’ve already thought and felt. It has served my logical brain while reassuring my internal mind that I was on the right track.
And now it’s time to write a new #bhavana.
The one I wrote a year and a half ago has come true! I believe in #bhavana. In writing down what the future acts like, looks like, feels like, and how we got there. In writing our future as if it’s already happened so we can send that energy into the world. It’s amazing what a catch these 3 words can be though, what a challenge it is to remember the future under that roof. To not write down what we stopped in the year ahead but to write what has begun. To decide what we want for ourselves in no wishy washy terms and to look back from the future on how you got there. Don’t write “happy to be in love and a good job now” but to write “I’m so glad I was bold and introduced myself at coffee to this giggle monster who holds my hand and walks with me and the dog every evening. All while I did X,y,z and now I’ve finally made that job that lets me pick my hours and my clients.” Or whatever those whimsical wants ACTUALLY play out as for you. Give this remembering the future a try and see how it feels to get lost in your letter. How good it feels to look back on the things we will make happen in a way that’s positive, concrete, and specific. It’s all in us. The limitless potential. Going to keep practicing clearing out of my own way.

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